Susceptibility to Persuasion - II

Susceptibility to Persuasion - II

Thanks for participating!There will be a full debrief at the end of the survey. 

We will calculate your scores and give you a personalised interpretation of them. No questions in this survey are compulsory. We would appreciate it if you answered as many as possible, though, since that will influence the accuracy of the interpretation!

None of the answers are bad or wrong. Some people like to look both ways twice when they cross the road, to make sure, some think this is silly. Neither of these two is wrong for the one doing them, though.

We cannot simply track you, and we do not want to do this anyway. We will not reveal individual responses to the public or authorities without a court order. All published results will be properly anonymized and any data files we share with other researchers will be stripped of any information that could easily lead to you.

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